Bali’s Mysterious Abandoned Boeing 737 Transformed Into Stunning Luxury Villa

The mysterious abandoned Boeing 737 in Bali receives a new lease of life as a luxury house complete with an infinity pool and spa in the cockpit!

Image: Felix Demin

Few visitors detest Bali. As a destination, the island has something for everyone. Sure, some areas feel overdeveloped, but if that is your concern, all you have to do is drive inland and to the mountains to get some tranquility that is otherwise unattainable. You may even rent your own luxury villa atop 737 to stay in for a few nights. Bali’s vitality has drawn artists from all over the world who desire to live there permanently or temporarily. Among them are architects who create hotels and other structures that (often) blend in with the picturesque surroundings of the island. However, certain initiatives stand out more than others and warrant the hopes of aviation enthusiasts.

Image: Felix Demin

In 2021, Russian billionaire Felix Demin purchased an abandoned and inoperable Mandala Air Boeing 737. The aircraft is now being converted into a two-bedroom residence. For good measure, an infinity pool and wing-top patio are incorporated. From March of this year, it will be available to travelers eager to resume their international trip following the extended hiatus caused by the worldwide epidemic.

According to Business Insider, it took a week to transfer the jet to its new hilltop location after getting the required permissions in September 2021. It was relocated in two sections before being rebuilt once it was perched in its new place. Although the fuselage remains the same form, the cabin and flying systems have all altered. The cabin and flying components have been fully removed to make room for everything one might possible need while perched on an Indonesian mountaintop. The amazing views from its high elevation, aptly named “Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens,” you enjoy commanding vistas of the surrounds.

Although the site is currently under construction, you can see artist renderings of how it will eventually look below. The “Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens” will be positioned on a clifftop near to the 1.5-kilometer-long Nyang Nyang beach, not far from Uluwatu, a world-famous surfing destination. The cost to stay in a bedroom with a simple design and use the bathroom in the old cockpit, however, is not nearly in the range of a surf hostel. The project is already offered for rent at a nightly fee of 113,999,999 Indonesian Rupiah. That works out to roughly $7,367 USD.

Image: Felix Demin

If the private mountaintop 737 appears to be too expensive, Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s JumboStay Boeing 747 is offered for individuals who want to sleep in an older Boeing. Even if it isn’t an infinity pool and you can’t use the cockpit bathroom by yourself, the location is fantastic.