Bailo Goes “Crazy” On Hectic New 4/20 Single

It’s 4/20, and you know what that means… 2020 is unique since it has technically been 4/20 this entire month, but of course the day itself is particularly special to week smokers as they light up and embrace their favorite herb. Though unfortunate that we can’t all participate together this year, we can still enjoy what the day means to millions across the country/world.

In celebration of today, Bailo just dropped a new song called “Crazy” with Kevin Flum. And in case there was any doubt about this being a celebration of 4/20, lines like “blowing gas my room is hazy” and “I’m hittin’ swishers all the time bitch I’mma ball” should push those aside.

The track itself is a massive trap banger and an easy contender for 4/20 anthem this year. The first drop is your standard trap with heavy 808s and that all-too-familiar rhythm. The second drop, though, is where things get really interesting some dubstep bass elements into the trap rhythm, giving this an equal dose of bass face and trap arms. Check out the track below, out now via Thrive Music. Oh, and don’t forget to 420 blaze it, foo.