Bailo Drops Energizing Dubstep Tune That Is Anything But A “Flatline”

It’s not uncommon for tracks to have nothing to do with the track titles — after all, in electronic music when so much is instrumental or just headbang music, there’s really no “story” to speak of. That being said, it’s also rare for tracks to embody the complete antithesis of their title, as Bailo’s new tune “Flatline” so clearly does. Apart from the actual flatline sample within the track, the drop and everything else seems more appropriate to compare to an actual defibrillator. I’d imagine, if this track were somehow converted into electrical energy and fed through a defibrillator device, it would serve to actual restart the heart rather than shut it down. “Flatline” is an abrasive and unyielding tune that you could also call incredibly ruthless. Vocal samples like “break your fucking neck bitch” only scratch the surface on just how caustic this tune is… and I love it. Bailo takes no prisoners on “Flatline,” and that’s just how I like it. Check it out now below, via Thrive Music.