Baauer’s “All My Ladies” Set to Heat Up Summer 2024

Baauer is set to dominate the summer with his latest single, “All My Ladies.” The celebrated bodybuilder Michelle Falsetta stars in the quirky music video for this four-on-the-floor track, which promises to be a staple of the 2024 summer season. Baauer, an avid crate-digger and expert sampler, has once again delved into the archives, this time sampling Issa’s 2007 track “Boss Lady,” and giving its original vocals a fresh twist.

The production of “All My Ladies” is a masterclass in blending house music with the unexpected. At its core lies a playful saxophone lead melody, injecting a vibrant dose of funk that showcases Baauer’s knack for pushing the boundaries of electronic music while tapping into nostalgia to create something refreshingly new. Accompanying the track is a music video that’s as entertaining as the song itself, featuring Falsetta in a quirky slow-motion visual, capturing the playful essence of a real-time chokehold.