Avoid These Mascara Mistakes For Your Makeup Routine

Mascara is undeniably an essential part of our makeup routine, however, it can sometimes pose a challenge to apply. This makeup staple is one of the first we were introduced to as teenage girls (just behind the timeless lip gloss), however, in spite of being accustomed to it for such a long time, there’re some mistakes that are still prevalent when it comes to its application.

For a makeup that can totally transform your face and emphasize your eyes, it’s expedient to get it right. Of course, we are aware that the endless list of mascara options and tools don’t help matters, take for example the lash curler. Do you use it before or after applying mascara, or not at all? Also confusing (or yet unknown) is whether or not to first clean off excess product from your mascara before application. These little overlooked factors can be the difference between mascara done right and a makeup emergency.

Here Are The Mascara Mistakes For Your Makeup Routine

Leaving Excess Mascara On The Brush

Photo: Shiny Diamond | Pexels

Okay, we’re lazy and in a hurry these days, but what does it take to remove excess mascara from the brush? This is especially necessary for new mascaras which tend to extract larger quantities of product, and also expedient for denser types. Yes, you’re supposed to wipe off excess mascara from your brush before using that brush on your lashes. By doing this, your lashes will stand proudly apart rather than stick together. To remove it, just pass the brush gently on a handkerchief and you’re good to go!

“Pumping” The Wand Into The Tube

Photo: Carlos Martinez | Unsplash

This is one of the most common errors of all. We do it more or less in an attempt to extract more product. However, by doing so, we tend to make the mascara dry more quickly since this process favors the entry of air into the tube. If the brush comes out of the tube with no product on it, it’s time to buy a new mascara. As a last resort, you can add a few drops of castor oil to recover the mascara that has become too dry.

Using Lash Curler After Applying Mascara

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The eyelash curler is not optional, especially for those with naturally slightly curved eyelashes. A common mistake is to use it after applying mascara. Many aren’t aware that by doing this, you risk damaging and breaking your lashes. Use your eyelash curler before mascara application or at most until after your mascara is dry.

Tip: How to use lash curler: Just place the lashes in the space provided, press gently for up to 10 seconds, and then remove it. There are also thermal eyelash curlers that shape lashes using heat.

Using Expired Mascara

Photo: Karolina Grabowska | Pexels

No matter how fond you are of certain products, expired products should be avoided, this is especially true for mascaras. By using expired mascara, you risk ruining your lashes and put yourself at the risk of contracting conjunctivitis. Mascara has a shelf life of 3 months and once done, you should throw it away. You can also trust the smell of the mascara and as soon as it begins to develop a funny smell, girl discard!

Always Using Waterproof Mascara

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The waterproof mascara is good, but be careful not to use them forever as a viable alternative to regular mascara. Even though they are formulated to resist water, they dry out quickly and weaken the lashes more. Therefore they should only be used when needed. You can use them if you are involved in water activities but they are not best for everyday use.

Featured image: Gifty Dzenyo | Pexels