Avicii’s New Album “TIM” Gets An Emotional Full Length Lyric Video


TIM, the final album from Avicii, was released this past Thursday. Filled with twelve emotional songs, the entire listening experience took a lot out of me and made me think about the producer’s state of mind leading up to his final moments, or time in the studio. Now that I’ve had a chance to sit with it for a bit, I’m more comfortable listening all the way through without tearing up too much. I can also listen to the album in an entirely new way thanks to Proximity and visual media creatives The Pyramid Watch. Yesterday, Proximity premiered a full length music video to TIM that spanned the entire album and used custom animations for each song. With an additional visual element, the album takes on a new life. It could also be argued that it forces you to be more aware of the lyrics and elements of the music as you intentionally watch the lyrics appearing across the screen. Watch the album from Avicii below, courtesy of Proximity and The Pyramid Watch.

Photo via Sean Eriksson