Avicii’s Debut Album ‘True’ Turns Seven Years Old Today

When Avicii played “Wake Me Up” at Ultra Music Festival in 2013, the crowd didn’t really know what to think of it. The combination of country-style vocals mashed up with an EDM beat didn’t make sense to a lot of people. Of course, now, the song has over 1 billion plays on Spotify and it’s one of the most important songs of his career, apart from “Levels.”

“Wake Me Up” is the lead track on Avicii’s debut album, True, which turns seven years old today. Released five days after his 24th birthday in 2013, it still remains a timeless album, considering its release was so far ahead of its time even then.

With songs like “Hey Brother,” “Heart Upon My Sleeve,” “Addicted To You,” and more, it an album we can look back on now and remember a better, simpler time. And Avicii was at the forefront of that era of exploration and experimentation, doing it in such a way that propelled other artists to experiment on their own while still keeping the mainstage spirit front and center.

Today, listen to True and remember better times.

Photo via Rukes.com