Automhate’s Latest Insane New Release Is In The Style Of “ RAVE DUB ”

Automhate is one of the most exciting bass music acts currently emerging from Italy, having collaborated with the likes of MONXX and K-NINE, as well as earned the trust of labels such as Halcyon, Disciple, Never Say Die, Buygore, and Subsidia. The 22-year-old producer began his solo career in 2018 and hasn’t looked back since, regularly sharing music that blurs the line between dubstep and riddim, while laying the groundwork for a massive 2022.

Automhate’s latest release is in the style of “RAVE DUB” and it follows his current remix for Kompany’s “Untouchable”. “RAVE DUB” is out now on Borgore’s record label Buygore, where Automhate debuted in 2020. It’s an impressive testament to the buzzing incredible producer’s production abilities, combining catchy house sequences with intense bass drops.