Autograf Unveil First Single, “Ain’t Deep Enough,” Off Forthcoming Debut Album

It’s a big day for trio Autograf, as they just released a new single with Jared Lee called “Ain’t Deep Enough.” But this isn’t just any single, no — it’s the first single from their forthcoming debut album. “We’re so excited to finally share our debut album,” says the group. “A lot of good and bad things have happened to us in the past couple years. And the album tells this story, but it also tells your story. We share our stories through music, but how you experience and interpret it will be your story.”

They continue, “We’ve always thought of life like a deck of cards holding all the possibilities of your life. So when you look at the art and listen to the music, tell us how does it make you feel when you draw the 2 of cups in a tarot deck? That’s what ‘Ain’t Deep Enough’ means to us but it will mean something else to you. That’s the beauty of life. We have to play the hand we’re dealt in life, but anything is still possible depending on the reading or interpretation.”

“Ain’t Deep Enough” immediately sets the tone for the album with an uplifting melody and warm chords. The bouncy rhythm is characteristic of the trio, but this one hits with a sense of renewed vitality, a sense of bigger and better things to come.

Listen below and stay tuned for more news on the album coming out next year!