Autograf Revitalizes Benny Benassi’s “Cinema” with an Afro-House Twist

Benny Benassi‘s iconic track “Cinema” has been the soundtrack for countless romantic escapades over the years. Now, Autograf has breathed new life into this classic, wrapping it in an alluring Afro-house remix that transforms its essence.

The head-over-heels anthem of “Cinema” sheds its original electro vibe, embracing haunting Afro-house grooves that turn the dancefloor into a moonlit dreamscape. The electrifying energy of the original gives way to a slow-burning, smoky haze of desire, underscored by a hypnotic drumbeat.

Autograf’s remix shifts the celebratory tone of “Cinema” to a more intimate, confessional mood. Gary Go’s familiar vocals, singing “I could watch you for a lifetime / You’re my favorite movie,” now exude a quiet intensity, capturing the enchanting mystery of deep connection.

This new rendition showcases the timeless artistry of Autograf. They’ve taken a generational anthem and infused it with profound intimacy, demonstrating that even the most familiar melodies can evoke fresh emotions when reimagined by skilled musicians.