Australian Artist GG Magree First Release Of The Year “Loving You Kills Me”

GG Magree has been on our radar for a minute now, thanks to both her unique style of music as well as her high-octane live performances. Over the years she’s rubbed shoulders with a ton of high-profile acts in the scene, and judging by her talent it’s hard not to see why. Today we’ve been treated to the Australian artist’s first release of the year in ‘Loving You Kills Me.’ As GG sings about the feeling of being an intense lover in a relationship, the instrumental takes on a wild journey as it seamlessly blends rock and trap music together. It’s a wildly infectious and catchy record – see for yourself below by streaming the track and read what GG Magree has to say about the inspiration behind the song as well.

“I’m such an intense lover. I think I buried myself somewhere when I wrote ‘Loving You Kills Me.’ You know that feeling ‘I want to be with you till I die’ or ‘I love you so much I want to eat you alive.’ That’s how I love and why I gave birth to ‘Loving You Kills Me.’” – GG Magree

GG Magee – Loving You Kills Me