Austin Feldman Remixes Avicii’s “SOS” for the Underground

Avicii‘s posthumous album TIM has left and instant and lasting impact on dance culture. Along with his own final impression, we get to hear his message translated again and again by artists around the world. While his music has affected countless musicians across all genres, this is just one of them. The late producer’s “SOS” spoke to Austin Feldman and he knew he just had to remix the track. Avicii’s light, tropical approach to “SOS” is traded for a bold, gritty house progression, through which Feldman’s deep appreciation for the song shines. Traditional dance synths are met with a steady house groove, making for a production more fitted for the underground. The message is still there, it just hits a little differently.

Along with the track, Feldman shares what this release really means to him:

Avicii is one of the artists who really helped me through a tough period of my life, and really helped me shape out who I wanted to be as a person and as a musician. I owe a lot to him and his music, and to remix it, was an act of remembrance.

Listen to Austin Feldman’s take on “SOS” here and link up below.

Avicii – SOS (Austin Feldman Remix)