ATTLAS Unleashes Progressive Debut Album Lavender God

Ethereal and captivating from the jump, we are thrust into a world where there is nothing but bliss. “Shatter” opens with the iconic mau5trap sound and “A Winding Path” enhances with a raucous symphonic arrangement. “Half Light” and “Lavender God” take a more main road approach that allows any taste to enjoy followed by the experimental “November”. Things take a dark tech turn with “Sinner Complicated” which is lovingly complemented by “A Ray Of Light”. “Home” has the most self-explanatory title since it perfectly represents the warmth that one feels while in their safest of spaces. ATTLAS perfectly wraps the album with another emphatic track “Hotel” and an experimental hypnotic “More Than That”. Lavender God is a true pleasure to listen to and mau5trap truly has a shining supernova of talent in ATTLAS.

ATTLAS – Lavendar God | Stream

via Runthetrap

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