Atreyu And Kayzo Have Reunited For The Song “Depression Season”

In the middle of the epidemic, Kayzo produced a staggering number of songs—roughly 14 tracks, including his The Year The World Stood Still EP—but it was evident early on in the year that he had rock and metal on his mind because of his collaborations with Atreyu and Bad Omens. Nearly three years later, Atreyu and Kayzo have reunited for the song “Depression Season,” which is a suitable allusion to the seasonal affective illness that many of us face throughout the winter when the sun sets earlier than usual.

“Depression Season” swings away from EDM, although their last collaboration, “Battle Drums,” seemed to lean slightly more in that manner. There is less of a clear “drop,” and the song arrangements are much more like to those of a rock song than an EDM tune. Former lead vocalist Alex Varkatzas has left the band, and Brandon Saller’s replacement vocals shine throughout the track.