ATLiens Mask Reveal: Two Surprising DJs Behind The Alien Duo [VIDEO]

Yesterday, masked trap duo ATLiens promised to take their masks off with little warning. This announcement obviously sent fans into a frenzy as the two had never done this before, and it would be one less anonymous DJ group out in the world.

9:00 PM rolled around, and sure enough, a new video was posted to their Instagram. With bated breath, we watched the two lift up their masks to reveal… Hekler and Marauda? While this would definitely be an interesting turn of events,  One can confirm that these two are not the actual men behind the project, and this appears to be just an elaborate troll.

At the end of the day, while it has no bearing on how much we enjoy seeing ATLiens live, we do feel a bit misled here. Check out the “reveal” below.