ATLiens Drop First Song From Upcoming EP & Terrifying Music Video, “Closer” with EDDIE

The wait for ATLiens‘ next EP is growing shorter and shorter, especially with the release of their first single today. “Closer” with EDDIE is a terrifying mixture of midtempo and techno, and the visual accompaniment only amplifies those qualities.


One of the most terrifying and salient sounds in “Closer” is that modulated groan, undulating and pulsing in an absolutely frightening fashion. Coupled with the intense imagery in the video and the deep warble of the bass, the whole track retains a quality of intense discomfort.

For ATLiens, who pride themselves on this sort of imagery, “Closer” is a great success and a fantastic start to their EP rollout. For EDDIE, this off-kilter collaboration only serves to add more value to his already budding career.

Check out the video for “Closer” below, and stream the track via Bassrush Records.

6/21 – Nest – Toronto, CAN
7/12 – Foam Wonderland – Fresno, CA
7/13 -Trapfest – Phoenix, AZ
7/27 – Foam Wonderland – Riverside, CA
8/10 – Bass Country – Grand Rapids, MI
9/5 – Dancefestopia – La Cygne, KS

via youredm

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