Aston Martin Designs a modernist rural estate located in the heart of the New York Hudson Valley Dubbed Sylvan Rock

Worth an estimated $7,700,000, the Sylvan Rock is a modernist rural estate located in the heart of the New York Hudson Valley. As the first-ever private residential estate designed by Aston Martin, in collaboration with S3 Architecture, this estate showcases what the brand describes as a strong marriage of design sensibility.

Through utilizing warm textures, and bold forms, the luxurious Sylvan Rock’s angular form blends seamlessly into its natural environment, accommodating exceptional privacy, with no single dominating façade. Regarded a rare example of a complete residential work of art, the Sylvan Rock lies just ahead of an unassumingly secluded 2,000 ft country road entrance, which winds past mature trees and impressive rock outcroppings.

Spanning across 55-acres of land, the architectural form of this residence appears to fold down into the landscape at different angles – as if the architecture was born of and catapulted from the environment. Clad in blackened cedar and curtain walls of glazing, the Sylvan Rock features a subterranean lair and custom designed wine cellar, alongside an on-property Food Garden, a three-car automotive gallery garage, an 873 sq.ft. pool house, multi-functional guest house “pods”, and a treehouse.