Arty Is Suing Marshmello for Copyright Infringement

Lots of songs end up sounding similar by the time they’re finally released — after millennia of compositions, there are only so many combinations left untouched. However, few are deemed close enough to be worthy of a lawsuit for copyright infringement. That being said, Arty is suing Marshmello for allegedly stealing elements from his remix of the One Republic song, “I Lived,” for the latter’s “Happier” with Bastille.


In addition to Marshmello, the suit names his cowriters on the song, Daniel Campbell Smith, the cofounder of the British rock band Bastille, and Steve Mac as defendants.

Arty and Marshmello share a music publisher, Kobalt Music, which is also a defendant in the suit.

According to the lawsuit, Marshmello could have become familiar with Arty’s remix because they frequently crossed paths. However, to be devil’s advocate, Arty’s remix was released in 2014. The Marshmello project did not debut until 2015.

Arty claims that Marshmello’s hit song “Happier,” which reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, directly copies from the “I Lived – Arty Remix.”

Listen to the two side by side below.

via Tennessean

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