ARMNHMR Release Debut Album, “The Free World”

After years of curation and tweaks, the debut album The Free World from ARMNHMR is at last here. Cinematic soundscapes, soaring harmonies, and elevated songwriting come together on ARMNHMR’s debut album. Attacking all spectrums of dance music from melodic trap to epic future bass sagas, the duo present 13 breathtaking songs filled with emotion and heart-pumping energy.

“The Free World is the place we as music lovers want to escape to,” said the duo. “We wrote this for our fans hoping that when they listen, they are transported to a place and time where everything was just right. The artwork is a perfect embodiment of the vibes we wanted to wrap our music around. Emotion surrounds the two figures as they try to establish a connection between each other,” continued ARMNHMR. “The goggles represent the disconnect between the real world and the Utopian world we all strive to live within.”

Listen below.

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