Armin van Buuren Drops Impressive ‘Balance’ Remix EP featuring i_o, Erly, & Genix

Armin van Buuren gives us three new ways to experience music from his most recent album, Balance. Balance (Remixes, Pt. 1) not only celebrates the iconic producer’s seventh studio album, it sets a new pace for 2020. i_o, Erly, and Genix lay down three drastically different vibes for the remix EP. From the darkest, grittiest underground rave to the most extravagant main stage, these remixes are sure to shine no matter where they play out.

Upon the album’s release, Armin stated:

Every song I make teaches me something new, and the next song is always a result of all my previous records, the new things I learned and the people I met. Over the years, this process — and especially the fun of creating – became more and more important to me. It’s a journey that gives me meaning and helps me learn more about my personal interests rather than focus on the recognition I get for the outcome. That’s the big difference between who I am today and who I was a few years ago. ‘BALANCE’ is a new chapter in my book of life, the result of venturing into known and unknown territories while finding the balance in between.

Listen to these fresh, new perspectives on Balance right here.

Armin van Buuren – Balance (Remixes, Pt. 1)

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