Armin van Buuren And Sam Gray Release “ Human Touch ” An Upbeat Piano House Single

“Human Touch” Armin van Buuren‘s first single of 2022, is out now. Armin collaborates with rising English singer Sam Gray on an upbeat piano house track that will have you yearning for the dancefloor and reaching out for that “Human Touch”. Despite the song’s upbeat tone, the song is about how we aren’t quite the same without human interaction. Who can’t relate to that sentiment nearly two years into the pandemic?

The track’s production is fairly simple, with only a few light synths and pads in the background, allowing Sam Gray’s soaring vocals to shine through. There’s some euphoric piano house and a groovy beat in the chorus and drop. Watch the lyric video for Armin van Buuren and Sam Gray’s “Human Touch” which is out now on Armada.