ARES Design presents the all-new and enviable ARES S1 All-In-One Sports Car, HyperCar, and Supercar

As simple as it was challenging, bespoke luxury automotive design and engineering company, ARES Design presents the all-new and enviable ARES S1. Combining the design of a hypercar with the performance of a supercar and the accessibility of a sports car, the ARES S1 was inspired by the most iconic racing prototypes of the 70s and 80s. Created with a goal of providing optimal driving pleasure and overall perfection, the ARES S1 is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Through employing extensive CFD studies to ensure ultimate aerodynamic performance and stability, the ARES S1 features handcrafted carbon fiber body panels, a dramatic low-profile silhouette, curvaceous wheel arches, a low front splitter, and a forward sitting cockpit. Built to embody an aggressive yet flowing stance, the ARES S1 produces maximum downforce and minimum aerodynamic resistance. Its sleek design and performance are further enhanced by its dynamic rear spoiler and the eye-catching exhaust exiting the bonnet – an iconic-styled feature specifically created to leave the rear extractor area free and clean, to further improve aerodynamics.

Enveloped in a 3D effect, the ARES S1’s interior showcases an array of minimal lines, with its HMI stored within a central console and dashboard. Finished in the finest Alcantara and Napa leather, the carbon fiber panels work to create a stunning yet functional ambience to enhance driving experience.

At its heart, S1 Project will be powered by a naturally aspirated V8 direct injection powerplant, delivering its power to the rear wheels through an 8-speed dual clutch transmission. Tuned and mounted to a bespoke crafted exhaust system, the engine facilitates a maximum power output of 715hp, capable of leaping 0-100 km/h in a matter of 2.7s. Underpinned by double wishbone suspension, forged aluminium axles and adaptive Magnetic Ride Control, the ARES S1 guarantees a potent yet uncomplicated drive to even the freshest license holders.