Are you looking for a Creative Cocktail to toast to another year with your loved one?

Are you looking for a creative cocktail to toast to another year with your loved one? Combining an interesting blend of rye whiskey, fizz and fruits, the Cava and Cran Fizz created by Sagamore Spirit may just provide the kickstart you need for some welcome Valentine’s Day celebrations during these long lockdown days. President of Sagamore Spirit – a Maryland Rye Whiskey – Brian Treacy recommends a suitable pairing for this flavoursome drink. He said: “We love pairing this cocktail with nibbles such as charcuterie, a mild cheddar and a mild goat cheese. Milder cheeses allow the rye whiskey to shine complementing the vanilla and caramel notes”.


40ml Sagamore Rye (which can be purchased from Masters of Malt)
90ml sparkling Cava
15ml lime juice
20ml spiced cranberry syrup


To make the spiced cranberry syrup, mix equal parts water, sugar, and fresh cranberries in a pan and for every one cup of cranberries, add one cinnamon stick and one rosemary sprig. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer for 15 minutes, chill and strain. Keep some of the cranberries to garnish.

To serve

Add rye, lime juice and syrup to a flute or coupe and top with Cava, garnish with your spare cranberries and enjoy.