Apple Unveils New Mac Pro, Dark Mode for iOS 13 & More [WATCH]

There are lots of exciting announcements coming in from Apple today — and we want to touch on a couple of them here. The first being the new-and-improved Mac Pro desktop computer. The second, Apple’s introduction of dark mode in iOS 13.

Mac Pro

Starting at $5,999, Apple’s latest Mac Pro desktop computer design is not for the lighthearted. The hefty price includes 32GB of memory, a 256GB SSD, eight-core Intel Xeon processor and MD Radeon Pro 580X graphics. Needless to say, the computer packs an insane amount of power and isn’t built for light users.

With this, Apple brings back the “cheese grater” tower design made popular before the previous Mac Pro desktop. It’s made with aluminum and stainless steel handles for added movability. Both sides are able to be opened for easy access. Extra storage will be no problem, configurable up to 1.5TB of system memory. Connectivity is key, with eight internal PCI Express slots, including two Thunderbolt 3 ports, two 10GB Ethernet ports, two USB-A ports, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Apple poses the Mac Pro as “the most powerful Mac [it] has ever created.”

There’s much more to behold… watch below and read on.

Dark Mode in iOS 13

Heavy social media users have already fallen in love with dark mode, which currently lives in apps including Twitter and Facebook Messenger. Now, Apple is bringing the darkness to iOS 13 — the newest version of the mobile operating system. Soon, popular apps will be able to accessed in dark mode, including Maps, Notes, Calendar, Music, and Messages. Timers can be set to switch from the standard view into dark mode, either for a specific time or at sunset.

Some love dark mode because it may take less eye strain, others because it’s less of a drain on battery. Or, simply because it looks cool. Whatever the reasoning, Apple iPhone and iPad users will have the ability to go dark soon. Learn how to try beta here.

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