Apple Says EU’s Proposed Universal Phone Charger Standard “Stifles Innovation”

The European Parliament is pushing for a universal phone charger standard — and Apple is simply not having it. Apple, which thrives off making its own power cords, connectors, and chargers, obviously isn’t thrilled about the draft law that would streamline the way people charge their smartphone devices. The company does have some fair points though, as Apple argues the change would be costly and could even “stifle innovation.”

Sourcing a study from Copenhagen Economics, Apple claims it would cost approximately €1.5 billion ($1.7 billion) to adopt a universal charger system. The report also suggests the EU may create an environmental problem by making Apple devices with Lightning ports obsolete.

Apple says:

Apple stands for innovation and deeply cares about the customer experience. We believe regulation that forces conformity across the type of connector built into all smartphones stifles innovation rather than encouraging it, and would harm consumers in Europe and the economy as a whole.

What do you think — is a universal phone charger standard a good idea or not?

Read the full statement here.

Source: Engadget | Photo via Apple

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