Apple Reveals New iPhone Home Screen, Upgraded AirPods & Much More with iOS 14

Apple just announced its new iOS 14 update and everything that comes with it. iPhone users will geek over the updates, which include a new home screen with associated features, added functionality within the Messages app and much, much more. Plus, there are changes coming to iPads, Apple TV and Apple Watch as well — and to Macs with new chips and MacOS Big Sur.

Here are just some of the new iOS 14 features and brief descriptions:

iOS Home screen: set default email and browser apps
Widgets: pin widgets with updating information on the home screen — calendar, maps, etc.
App Library: organizes apps, makes suggestions, mass deletion and more
Messages: updates include mentions, new Memoji features, pin threads and more
Safari: more responsive and more privacy
Picture-in-picture mode: pop out small floating screen while watching videos
Siri: knows 20 times more facts than three years ago
Incoming calls: can be displayed as banner notifications
App Clips: scan QR code to launch task-focused clips without downloading full app
CarPlay: digital car keys — start or unlock car from your phone
Translate: translate in real time with multiple languages
AirPods: switch effortlessly between paired devices
Privacy: more control over data and how its used

Popular apps including Photos, Notes, Voice Memos, Reminders, Health, Weather, Game Center and more are also getting upgrades. Plus, a new Augmented Reality app and Apple Arcade.

According to Apple, developers can download the new iOS as soon as this week. A public Beta will be made available in July (sign up here) and the program will be readily available this Fall.

See the full iOS 14 preview here via Apple.

Source: CNBC | Screenshot via Apple