Apple Reveals New iPhone 11 + iPhone 11 Pro

The new Apple iPhone 11 is finally here! Coming in 6 new colors: purple, white, yellow, green, black and RED.

The new iPhone 11 will feature a 6.1″ liquid retina display with new spatial audio. It will feature the first ever dual-camera system in iPhone with a brand new ultra-wide camera that boasts a 120 degree field of view. iPhone also finally has night mode and additionally 4k 60 fps video in both cameras. The front camera has also been updated to 12 megapixels and will feature, for the first time, 4k video & slow motion video.

New A13 bionic chip will also speed things up even more.

The price is the real kicker, starting at just $699!

The focus of iPhone 11 is mostly cameras. Yes, that’s a pun.

6 colors: Purple, white, yellow, green, Product RED

6.1” LCD
A13 Bionic
Battery 1 hour more than XR
“Faster” FaceID
12MP primary + ultrawide
Night mode camera
Up to 4K 60fps video from both cameras


— Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) September 11, 2019

Now up, the iPhone 11 pro! The first ever “pro” iPhone.

Next up: iPhone 11 Pro

— Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) September 11, 2019

Made of stainless steel, the iPhone pro will come in two sizes: 5.8″ and 6.5″

It features an all-new display, the Super Retina XDR. It will have the highest pixel density of any Apple product ever.