Apple Officially Kills iTunes, Will Be Replaced By A Trio Of Apps

One of the biggest tech rumors of the past year has finally been officially confirmed today at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California. Apple announced that iTunes will be replaced by a trio of desktop apps called Music, TV, and Podcasts.

This rumor has been all but heard from the horse’s mouth for the past couple months, but it’s good to finally hear it for real. During the conference in which Apple showed off its next-gen tech and software, the news about iTunes was not a shock to most, and opened up strategies for growth, as well.

“For Apple’s own business, it marks the strategic shift away from a central hardware focus to a business in which subscription content and services are increasingly important for margin and revenues,” said Kent, referencing the iPhone’s sluggish sales. Thankfully, Apple isn’t just throwing all your downloads and purchases to the wind, either. Previous purchases and libraries will be maintained in each new app on Mac computers, a spokesperson told CNN Business.

“Building a bridge is always important in order to not alienate its current user base, but I’d argue that it has already taken that step considering the Apple Music numbers,” said Ramon Llamas of IDC Research. “Clearly, it needs to direct people in that direction and show a clear cut-off date so that users are prepared.” The next step will be in rolling out ways to access and manage past content via the trio of apps. As of right now, iTunes is still available to download. The rollout of the app trio will likely occur over the course of the next few months.