Apple Is Officially Shutting Down iTunes, Teases What’s Next

Apple Is Officially Shutting Down iTunes, Teases What’s Next

Lots of changes are coming to the Apple ecosystem in the coming years, some sooner than others. We’ve already reported on the end of iTunes, and how the tech juggernaut is developing a trio of apps — Music, TV, and Podcasts — to replace it. But Apple isn’t just iPhones and it’s not just iTunes, and it’s trying to remind its users of that fact.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and other leaders will make a keynote presentation at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California this coming week to unveil updates of Apple’s operating systems and a new approach to apps altogether. A lot of the changes will be coming to Apple’s other most successful pieces of hardware: the watch and iPad.

For the watch, Apple wants to make it a more independent device with apps like a calculator and voice recorder, and new messaging features. It already took steps in that direction two years ago by adding cellular connectivity, but Cook & co. want to do more.

As for the iPad, Apple wants to continue pushing the “iPad as a laptop” idea with better software and more third-party compatibility. Writes Bloomberg, “The company plans enhancements to the home screen and new features around using multiple apps at once to help the iPad satisfy more of your computing needs.”

New apps, exploration into augmented reality, and a new focus on health are just some of the other topics expected from WWDC this week.

via Bloomberg