Apple Is Breaking Down iTunes Into Multiple Apps

Apple is following through with its plans to completely phase out iTunes. According to two different sources, Apple’s sprawling catalog of media will be broken down into standalone apps — Music, TV, Podcasts, and potentially Books. The biggest change as it concerns music lovers undoubtedly comes in the form of the new Music app, with a heavy focus on the popular Apple Music service.

Apple’s new technology known as Marzipan is all but confirmed to back Music, Podcasts, and TV apps. See the exclusive look at the new icons above via 9to5mac. The changes are happening soon, as this breakdown is expected in the next macOS update. However, it’s also believed that Apple will keep iTunes around until devices and apps can be synced, and everything is running smoothly.

This is the beginning of the end of iTunes as we know it. Stay tuned.

H/T: DJ Mag | Source: 9to5mac