Apple iOS 13.2 Updates with 398 Brand New Emojis

In case you haven’t noticed, Apple iOS users have been treated to a new wave of emojis! So, it’s time to meet them… iOS 13.2 includes nearly 400 brand new emojis. If you haven’t explored them all just yet, Emojipedia has them all in one place (see below).

The new emojis are more inclusive than ever before, with interracial couples, gender-neutral characters and people with disabilities. There’s a wide assortment of other new emojis, including colorful shapes, ears, waffles, butter, a service dog, and much, much more.

See below.

iOS 13.2 Emoji Update

📲 iOS 13.2 is out now with these 398 new emojis

— Emojipedia 📙 (@Emojipedia) October 29, 2019

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