Apple Announces AirPods Pro With Nosie Cancellation

Apple is usually one to reveal new products with loads of fanfare, but the company just revealed the latest in its line of AirPods without much pomp and circumstance. The new AirPods Pro come priced just $90 more than the base model, but with a host of new features.

– Active noise cancellation
– Water and dust resistant
– Force sensor to switch between noise cancellation & transparency mode⠀
– Three different sizes of silicone tips
– Priced at $250

The biggest draw of the new AirPods Pro will undoubtedly be the active noise cancellation. They will use active noise cancellation and transparency to either block or allow sound in, depending on the user’s discretion, making them more practical than typical over-the-ear noise-cancelling cans. AirPods Pro are available this Wednesday, October 30. But beware, the Pros aren’t compatible with all models of old iPhone. For the AirPods Pro, Apple doesn’t list the iPhone 5S, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Air (first generation), or the iPod Touch (sixth generation) as being compatible.