Aphex Twin Unexpectedly Drops 6 Brand New Tracks for Free Download

Without any warning, Aphex Twin has released new music through his side account on SoundCloud. As one of the more unpredictable acts in dance music, Aphex Twin always keeps us on our toes. Unexpectedly, he just dropped not just one or two — but six brand new productions over the past week that range from ambient to emotional to danceable. Fans have come to expect Aphex Twin uploads from User18081971 with music dumps that date back to 2015. Following up his 2018 Collapse EP and 2019 Peel Session 2, this is Aphex Twin 2020.

Last year, the elusive producer reemerged for a select few dates, including both weekends of Coachella. His performance proved to be a sensory overload, with an audio/visual display as fresh and imaginative as ever. Enjoy the latest from Aphex Twin below and download for free.

Aphex Twin – New Music 2020

H/T: Resident Advisor