Anti-aging Tips and Shortcuts

When you were still young, you didn’t worry about aging. It was something that you did not feel could happen to you. Now, it may feel like the only topic you cared about. As you see the first few wrinkles, the first strands of grey hair, and possibly the balding spots and skin tags, you wonder if some quick anti-aging solutions have been proven effective.

What are the solutions that you should not take?

No matter how desperate you are, it is best to skip plastic surgery. You may have noticed that plastic surgery usually results in more plastic surgery plus a lot of maintenance. Too much tweaking with the scalpel can also lead to abnormally tightened face and even nerve damage.

What are the lies about anti-aging?

The problem with the beauty industry is that it thrives on lies and insecurity. It feeds on the vulnerability of its potential customers.

Multivitamins are only necessary for people who don’t get their daily required nutrients. They don’t really help with disease prevention, and they do not delay aging.

  • Aging depends solely on your genes

This is only true up to a point. Yes, you may have been blessed with significant genes – but what about your habits? Smoking certainly will not do you any favors. Not having a beauty regimen can accelerate aging, as well.

  • Oily skin takes away the need for moisturizers

You need moisturizers because they bring back moisture (water!) to your skin. They are not used to introduce oil to the skin. So, yes, you still need to moisturize as part of your anti-aging regimen.

  • It is too late to start exercising

It is never too late. However, those who haven’t been active may need to get checked by a physician first. This way, you can get the healthy go-signal you may need.

Exercise is not only great at firming up your body, but it can also help your body go back in time internally, as well. Get those lungs and heart working as if young again.

There are several other misconceptions involving anti-aging. Most of them have been spread on purpose to serve the beauty industry. For example, it is said that the sun can damage the skin. Yes, it can if you get overexposure. However, you also need Vitamin D. Sunblock companies have a stake in these misconceptions.

Who needs to do something about their aging symptoms right now?

Just because you don’t have any visible signs of aging does not mean to say you must not think of natural ways of keeping yourself young. Here are some people who need to think about their health and beauty at this stage:

  • Those with sagging cheeks, eye area, and jawline
  • Those who are struggling to get energized
  • Those who are seeing the first signs of “turkey neck”
  • Those who are seeing fine lines around the eyes or mouth, or on your forehead
  • Those who have wrinkly elbows and knees
  • Those whose breasts are no longer perky
  • Those who have signs of liver spots

What are foods that can naturally help you stay young?

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fish
  • Fruits
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Water

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