Annie Tracy and Robin Thicke Unite in Soulful Harmony with “Close To You”

Prepare to be entranced by the captivating new single “Close To You” by emerging artist Annie Tracy, featuring the renowned Robin Thicke.

Annie Tracy’s collaboration with the acclaimed producer Tricky Stewart has sparked much anticipation for her music, and “Close To You” is her third offering. In this mesmerizing track, she joins forces with the powerhouse vocalist Robin Thicke, inviting listeners into a world of jazz-infused melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

“Close To You” carries the imprint of producer Mike Sabath and unfolds a poignant narrative. Tracy skillfully shares the story of attempting to maintain a protective distance in a romance that seems destined for heartache. The result is an irresistible atmosphere of intimacy that allows the audience to empathize with the emotional complexity of both sides.

As we embark on this musical journey with Annie Tracy, there is no doubt that we can expect much more from this exciting talent. Stay tuned for what promises to be an impressive and soul-stirring musical voyage with Annie Tracy and her evocative “Close To You.”