Angie Stone Unveils Captivating Video for Latest Single “Love The Feeling”

A Journey into R&B Bliss

R&B icon Angie Stone has graced her fans with the mesmerizing visuals for her newest single, “Love The Feeling.” This soulful track is part of her highly-anticipated 10th studio album, “Love Language,” which was released to critical acclaim just last month. Directed by the talented Charles West, the music video perfectly complements the upbeat and seasonally fitting essence of the song. Angie Stone’s remarkable musical journey continues to unfold, and “Love The Feeling” is a testament to her enduring artistry.

Embracing the Language of Love

“Love The Feeling” holds a special place within Angie Stone’s latest album, “Love Language.” As her 10th studio offering, this release showcases the evolution of her musical prowess and her ability to connect with audiences through heartfelt melodies. The album has already garnered attention with its lead singles, “Kiss You” and “The Gym,” featuring the soulful Musiq Soulchild. Now, the addition of the captivating video for “Love The Feeling” further solidifies Angie Stone’s position as an R&B legend.

A Visual Masterpiece

Directed by Charles West, the video for “Love The Feeling” transports viewers into a world of enchantment and bliss. With stunning visuals and expertly choreographed scenes, the video brings the song’s infectious energy to life. Angie Stone’s undeniable charisma shines through as she effortlessly delivers her soulful vocals, captivating audiences with every note. The seamless fusion of music and visuals creates a truly immersive experience, leaving viewers inspired and wanting more.


Angie Stone’s latest single, “Love The Feeling,” accompanied by its captivating music video, is a testament to her enduring legacy as an R&B legend. The song, featured on her highly acclaimed album “Love Language,” showcases her ability to convey heartfelt emotions through her soulful voice. Directed by the talented Charles West, the visually stunning video adds another layer of depth to the track, immersing viewers in a world of enchantment and bliss. Angie Stone continues to captivate audiences with her remarkable talent and unwavering dedication to the language of love.