Andenes’ Presents Its Latest Tourist Attraction – The Whale

The innate human fascination with whales date back thousands of years, to the time where depictions of these majestic oceanic beauties adorned the walls as stone carving. With an innumerable array of mythical tales and even a few religious stories, whales have long captivated our attention with their mysterious manner of being.

300km North of the Arctic Circle, lies the administrative centre of Andøy Municipality in the Vesterålen district of Nordland county, Norway. Perched amidst dramatic landscapes, both above ground and underwater, the small town of Andenes is regarded as one of the world’s best spots for whale-sighting… even more so now, with the construction of its latest attraction known as – The Whale.

Rising as though a giant had lifted the thinnest layer of the earth’s crust, The Whale appears like a soft hill on the rocky shore and serves as a central art space for educational exhibitions. More than a traditional museum of natural history, The Whale is a surreal combination of art museums, nature centers, research facilities and educational institutions.

Branded as a beauty and knowledge safe-zone, The Whale proactively generates events in the local community and abroad. Merging both scientific and artistic approaches, The Whale presents learning with an interactively awe-inspiring approach, featuring oil paintings, life-size sculptures, playgrounds, souvenir shops, themed cafes and outdoor exhibitions – suitable for all ages.

Through these means, visitors have the opportunity to understand the biology, evolution, various species, and behavior of whales, as well as, oceanography, local marine conditions, and the fable beast’s relevance to cultural history. Not forgetting, the chance to get up close and personal with real sperm whales!

While a family friendly touristic site which allows visitors the chance to relax and roam freely, The Whale does not shy away from addressing pressing global issues such as the importance of resource management, climate change and nature conservation through its vibrant and enthusiastic but most importantly, optional programs.