And The Best Lip Balm Is…

…your lip balm! (Keep up, we went over this final week…) And after Anna printed her science-backed treatise on why everyone seems to be so obsessive about their very own explicit lip balm, you all reacted in one of the simplest ways doable—with feedback! Loads and a great deal of them, most written in an effort to elucidate why this balm or that balm is the easiest balm. There had been so many scorching takes occurring down in Disqus that patterns started to emerge—and you realize what occurs after that…a follow-up put up! So right here we’re; thanks for stopping by. The seven greatest lip balms you’ll be able to’t cease praising are…

The pot that’s a French pharmacy staple. Even germaphobes are on board.

“Nuxe in the tub for night time, and yes I do risk buying from shady websites because I need it.” —KathS

“Nuxe pot is the best hard-worker (ever!!) for winter and extreme dryness.” —Diana Anisimova

“Pot version of Rêve de Miel from Nuxe is the only lip balm that works.” —Kingusia Żak

“Nothing beats the French favorite: Nuxe Rêve De Miel (in the pot). You can find it at Cult Beauty. It lasted six months or longer. But it is annoying to travel with. I’ll just depot in a clean contact lens case.” —Nuraimi Ibrahim

Not to be confused with Bite’s Agave Lip Balm, which encountered a troublesome crowd within the ITG feedback (the consensus: balm, dangerous; masks, good!).

“The tube lasts an eternity, (though it does have an expiration of 24 months) and has incredibly clean ingredients. I love using it especially in brutal Chicago winters where the wind really kills my skin. But honestly, I use this any time, any season.” —Julyssa Nateras

“Bite’s Agave Lip Mask is the BEST overnight lip balm especially in the dry winter weather. It actually moisturizes (it doesn’t just create a barrier like petroleum jelly) and it means that I barely use lip balm throughout the day now because I don’t need it. While it’s a bit pricier than others, you only need the tiniest amount… I have been using the same tube daily for the past year and it’s going strong!” —Colette G

“Bite Agave Lip Mask within the pinky tinted shade is objectively the perfect all-around lip product and this is why:
1. It’s supremely moisturizing, and whereas thick and occlusive, it does not really feel oily or gross. I discover it comforting, like the way in which your favourite outsized sweater feels.
2. The little bit of pink is the proper tint to provide you a little bit of flush, however is not tremendous shiny (one thing my tan/olive complexion struggles with).
three. It’’s the perfect quantity of shine (now that the pendulum has swung the opposite manner and we’re over matte) with out being too slick.
four. The odor is not overpowering, although barely candy (except you are eyeing the maple one, the one one I do not personal as a result of the style was a bit an excessive amount of).
5. It simply frickin works!!! Let this sit for a number of hours (ideally in a single day) and your chapped lips shall be TRANSFORMED.
Thank you for coming to my TED discuss.” —ViHuynhy

Another nice Australian import. Most Lanolips followers most popular the unique system over the tinted variations.

“After being a hardcore Carmex addict for 30+ years, I quit cold turkey and have since fallen in love with Lanolips. It’s the best and lasts forever.” —T

“Lanolips is the only thing that has actually moisturized my lips, but I do like Balm Dotcom in Birthday on top to make it last alllll day.” —Emily Michaelis

“Lanolips and Everon are great for an ass-cold day.” —Meg Tripp

[In reply to whether or not the perfect lip balm exists] “She does and her name is Lanolips 101.” —whatnotlike

Hey, we all know her! A reverse state of affairs to Lanolips. You all not solely appeared to favor Balm Dotcom’s flavored choices over the unique system, however you additionally requested our colleagues to pony up some extra.

“Coconut Balm Dotcom every day all day.” —Brianne Duverger

“I have a thousand lip balms but find myself reaching for Balm Dotcom most. The texture and feel is pretty perfect. My fave was Coconut until Birthday came along.” —TheShowgirl

“Number one is Balm Dotcom OG. I think the original is more moisturizing than my two preferred flavors, Rose and Cherry, though I love all of them. When is Glossier going to make Papaya happen?” —psd3194

“I love Balm Dotcom (Mint & Cherry are my favs).” —Carly

“Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom. I also have the OG, but damn, I love smelling like coconut.” —AJ

The workhorse lip balm. No flavors, no frills. Even your dermatologist loves it.

“Aquaphor forever. This is a reliable standby and I love the little tubes. I have them everywhere even though I prefer to stay away from petroleum.” —LolaNYC

“Aquaphor, my ride or die.” —Gully M

“Aquaphor as my night lip product. It’s amazing. Spend the money!” —Cat

“The best ‘lip balm’ is Aquaphor. This is a hard truth!” —imposterinterrupted

“I have a tiny travel Aquaphor tub that I mixed some bergamot, ylang ylang and ho wood essential oil into. Aquaphor is my boo, but it didn’t smell interesting enough.” —Bella

For fancy lips.

“Dior glow during the day, any color.” —KathS

“Dior Lip Glow looks like a flamingo decided to roost on my lips.” —Kimberely B Stone

“My ‘going out’ lip balm is Dior Lip Glow in Berry. Way overpriced and the tip tends to crumble, but I love the feel and color and the packaging is chic.” —TheShowgirl

“Dior Lip Glow. Been using it for years and have used up countless tubes.” —Abby

The one and solely. Light on worth, however not on efficiency.

“Carmex in a tube. Slight SPF, doesn’t dry your lips out (some do, which is bananas) and pleasantly tingly. Slightly matte, works well under lipstick.” —HelveticaTheDaring

“The least glamorous of all the lip balms, my ride or die, one I absolutely CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT is Carmex. It’s so thick and waxy with that oddly satisfying camphor tingle. Slather some on at night and your lips are still soft and smooth 8 hours later. Sure you could get the ‘flavored’ Carmex, but we all know that it isn’t the same. Never the pot (ew germs) or the squeezy tube. Always the stick with SPF. Feel a cold sore coming on? Slap some Carmex on it. Weird dry patch appear on your face? Carmex will clear that up over night.” —Starryhye

“My lip balm of selection is Carmex, and it has been for an excellent…5 years…perhaps? Now I can not bear in mind why I used anything earlier than lol. I used to make use of Chapstick in highschool and school, and till Carmex, it did not daybreak on me that I used to be at all times re-applying Chapstick after a number of hours. Similarly, I used to be at all times reapplying Burt’s Bees once I moved onto that after Chapstick. With Carmex, I haven’t got to re-apply,* and that to me means success!
*I am talking particularly on a day the place I won’t be sporting any lip coloration—simply Carmex. Like, say, a Sunday.” —Ess da 5’6″

“Carmex forever. It’s cheap and it works better than anything else I’ve tried.” —Jackie

Some feedback have been edited for readability. Photo by way of ITG.

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