Anastasia Undressed Holiday 2019 Lip Set Review & Swatches



Anastasia Undressed Holiday 2019 Lip Set is a new, limited edition set of five, full-sized lip products for the holiday season. There are three matte, liquid lipsticks, one metallic, liquid lipstick, and one lip gloss. On Mute was the only shade that applied well and lasted evenly for a good period of time, but all four of the liquid lipsticks were drying. Four of the five shades had application issues, and the liquid lipsticks were surprisingly runny (likely contributing to the application issues!).

Summer Vibes

Summer Vibes is a pale, milky pink base with warmer undertones and flecks of multi-colored sparkle. There was a subtle grit from the amount of larger sparkles in it, though it wasn’t to the point where it felt rough or was something I noticed during wear.

Otherwise, the gloss itself was smooth and spreadable but had a tendency to sink into my deeper lip lines. It has a “Sparkle” finish, which is designed to have translucent coverage, so the sheer coverage was expected. It lasted for two and a half hours on me and felt hydrating over time.


Sand is a light, yellowed beige with warm undertones and a matte finish. It had good pigmentation, though it wasn’t opaque in a single layer, despite seeming rather dense initially. While the texture was smooth, it was too runny and always wanted to veer over the edges of my lips, even when I tried to wipe away excess prior to applying.

There was slight unevenness, especially along the outer areas of my lips, and some product that sank into my deeper lip lines and separated after it dried down. The color stayed on well for five hours but was drying while worn.


Peachy is a bright, peachy orange with warm undertones and a matte finish. It had semi-opaque pigmentation with a more watery, overly-spreadable texture that sunk into my lip lines and separated along them once it had dried down. This shade wore well for five hours but faded very unevenly, while the formula felt drying over time.

On Mute

On Mute is a muted, light-medium rosy brown with subtle, warm undertones and a matte finish. The texture was almost runny as it was very fluid, which resulted in a harder application where precision took patience to achieve. It had rich pigmentation that dried down to an even, fairly smooth finish. It stayed on well for six hours and felt lightly drying over time.


Beaming is a bright, pale pink with warm undertones and a metallic finish and faint, larger gold sparkle. It had a very fluid consistency that spread too readily over my lips, so I’d recommend taking great care to apply slowly and patiently or else use a separate lip brush. It had opaque pigmentation that dried down quickly but emphasized my lip texture and separated along my lip lines. It lasted for six hours but was moderately drying and faded unevenly.