An Expert Dispels TikTok Skincare Trends

We’ve all seen the apparently never-ending viral skincare TikTok trends like “sunscreen contouring,” “face taping,” and the ever-present “this product will heal your acne.” While these trends might be beneficial (and frequently entertaining), they are not always supported by research and can lead to widespread misconception.

Can Toothpaste Remove A Pimple?

Using toothpaste might induce a skin response and aggravate an existing pimple. Prior to 2016, toothpaste had a chemical called Triclosan, which might help dry up pimples; however, the FDA prohibited this substance in 2016 and it is no longer found in toothpaste. Instead, use one of the following: Benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid, or Adapalene.

Is “Sunscreen Contouring” Risky?

Don’t go along with this trend. It is dangerous to purposely tan contour lines on your face. Any darkening of the skin caused by UV exposure is a symptom of sun damage; hence, contour lines are sun damage marks that can develop to melanoma.

Image: Klaus Vedfelt for Getty

Is It True That Tape Your Face Prevents Wrinkles?

Putting tape on your face really only reminds you not to raise your brows or scrunch your forehead, limiting facial motions. Putting tape around your face, on the other hand, will not prevent wrinkles or crinkles; it will merely serve as a reminder to make less facial motions.

Is It Possible To Use Neosporin To Cure Acne Scars?

Because of the potential of an adverse response to the neomycin component, dermatologists do not suggest Neosporin. Neosporin is not recommended for treating acne-causing germs. Acne scars are simply inflammatory pimples that discolored during healing. Look for substances like vitamin C to help minimize the appearance of post-acne dark patches and salicylic acid to assist improve scar texture when treating acne scars.

Does Face Rolling Help You Lose Weight?

Face rolling is used to improve the complexion and reduce puffiness. This is not a permanent solution and will not change the shape of your jawline or face. Masseter Botox, chin filler, and/or cheek filler are three options for face slimming.