An Alluring Edit Of “Sugarmama” Was Produced By Orang Utan And Dimitri Vegas

Rising artist Orang Utan is genuinely full of monkey stuff. Since making their debut in 2021, Orang Utan has put out two prior singles on the esteemed imprint Ultra Records. Each track includes a music video that forces the viewer to erupt in laughter and has many syncs, including two Netflix series and an appearance in FIFA.

With a funky remix of their new track “Sugarmama” from none other than Dimitri Vegas, this dynamic combo is now continuing their hot run. As “Sugarmama” builds to an exhilarating drop, a groovy bassline, upbeat vocal cuts, and gleaming piano stabes provide the driving force. Even though it may still be winter where you are, this song will make you feel as happy and sunny as you could ever want.