AMEL D gives a robust rock performance in his latest song ‘Pride of Sacrifice’ that sounds heavily impressive

AMEL D creates waves with her immense creativity and powerful voice to craft her music ‘Pride of Sacrifice’ that shows her most sturdy take on rock music.

What is better than starting your music by playing guitar and AMEL D takes the exact route to reveal her striking musicality. The latest creation by the artist is just the appropriate track that provides a fantastic rock trip to the audience. Striking hard and fast with a mighty soundscape, the song ‘Pride of Sacrifice’ moves at an impressive pace and the storming energy in the singer’s voice makes things extremely enjoyable and everlasting. The raspy project wins over with its strongly appealing songwriting which the singer performs with her hardcore voice to lock the listener’s attention completely. The song connects with its fast guitars, bass, and drums that blends brilliantly with the raw and honest energy and musicianship.

AMEL D keeps things melodically eclectic in ‘Pride of Sacrifice’ which is the second song from the singer’s second album Cross To Hell. Her expressive and engaging power is superb and the latest song adds a major boost to her creativity. The thoughtful concept and the rich layers of electric guitars, keyboards, drums, and horns build up its pace to offer an immersive bright vibe to the work that beautifully gives the song the perfect rock vibe. Listen to the song on Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube and for more information follow the singer on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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