Amazon Music & Twitch Link Up for Live Stream Integration

Amazon Music and Twitch are linking up to bring fans a seamless streaming experience. Artists can now link their Twitch accounts to Amazon Music, so their live streams air via the music streaming app. Similarly to Twitch, notifications are sent out to followers when an artist goes live. In addition, they may be featured on the all-new “Live” page, which highlights artists as they broadcast.

The integration is not only beneficial for fans, it allows artists to potentially reach larger audiences. Amazon Music users are exposed to Twitch streams without ever having to leave the comfort of their go-to music app.

Since it all happens within Amazon Music, there’s no need to download or sign up for additional service. However, if users want the full Twitch experience (comments, tips, etc.) they’ll have to leave Amazon Music in order to interact. Considering Twitch is owned by Amazon Music, the power move only makes sense. Not to mention, Twitch’s music category has been growing rapidly in popularity throughout quarantine.

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Sources: The Verge