Aman Resorts Launches a New Brand of Affordable Janu Hotels

Identifying a gap in the market of niche accommodation, Chief Operating Officer of international luxury Aman Resorts hotel group, Roland Fasel set out to provide a combination of experiences through mindfulness, culture and local immersion. Based on these intentions, Aman Resorts will proudly launch its latest branch of affordable hotels, dubbed ‘Janu’, in Montenegro, Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia and Tokyo, Japan by 2022.

Founded on the belief that “the best things in life are best for the body and spirit”, Janu aims to facilitate “a soul’s restoration by bringing them together in one magical setting”.

Sanskrit for ‘soul’, Janu follows closely to the original Aman (Sanskrit for ‘peace’) brand’s theme of a sharp, sophisticated design, and immaculate service – only differing fundamentally in its approach to engaging guests. Where the Aman Resorts are branded a private sanctuary for recuperation, Janu takes on a holistic approach, encouraging increased socializing and self-awareness through locally-influenced excursions, the creation of timeless communal spaces, private relaxation areas, curated art and music experiences, plus mood-led lighting and sound.

“We won’t just visit the local schools, at Janu, you may visit but also help teach. The point is to develop meaningful interaction. Should you want to interact, of course.” – Chief Operating Officer of international luxury hotel group, Roland Fasel.

Though still unannounced, the Janu hotels will be priced significantly lower than its more luxurious USD$1,500-a-night counterpart, with the Montenegrin resort expected to feature an estimated 150 rooms, multiple pools with cabanas, a spa, and outdoor bar.