Alvin Whitte Delivers Perfect “What Is Love” Cover via Proximity Just In Time For Valentine’s

Everyone knows the classic Haddaway song, “What is Love,” even if they maybe don’t know who it’s actually by. But thanks to the Saturday Night Live “Roxbury Guys” sketches and the 1998 movie A Night at the Roxbury, the song has endured since its release in 1993. But surely it’s time for an update, right? Enigmatic producer Alvin Whitte is dropping his debut single, a cover of “What Is Love” reimagined for the modern electronic era, on Valentine’s Day. But we’ve got the exclusive premiere a day early.

The cover takes the melody and lyrics from the original adds some new flair — some claps, some reverb, and a delectable deep house bassline that brings the song from the nightclub to the bedroom. If you and your significant other are looking to spice things up tomorrow night, throw this on and let the sparks fly.

Check it out below now, and stream here tomorrow via Proximity! Follow Alvin on Instagram here.