Alphalove Drops Infectious New Deep House Tune “Down By The River”

In the immortal words of Matt Foley, “I live in a VAN! Down by the RIVER!” The new song “Down By The River” from Alphalove has nothing to do with Matt Foley or SNL, but it’s hard not to think of the iconic scene when you put it on. That being said, Alphalove and Foley could not be more polar opposites, with the former leaving all the aggression and awkwardness of the latter behind.

“Down By The River” sports an infectious deep house rhythm with an equally addictive vocal sample, making for an easy and sure hit. It’s not the most groundbreaking tune by any means, but definitely catch me cutting shapes on the dance floor when this comes on. Check out “Down By The River” from Alphalove below, out now on Thrive Music.