Aloe Blacc Honors Avicii with New Song “Things You Left Behind” [LISTEN]


On September 8th, Avicii would have celebrated his 30th birthday. To remember his dear friend and collaborator, Aloe Blacc released a song titled “Things You Left Behind” in honor of the late legend.

The song is soft and sentimental, but also raw, relying on Aloe’s heavy words to tell the story. The main message of the song is made clear — I wish you would have opened up enough to see how much you were truly loved. Aloe included a message along with the song’s release: “The news of his passing stunned me as it did all who were moved by his music and I am terribly sad that he is no longer with us. When I heard he was gone my heart immediately went out to his family and the words to this song came to me.”

Avicii’s first posthumous release was none other than “SOS” featuring Aloe Blacc. The two also collaborated on “Wake Me Up,” one of the producer’s most cherished works of art.

Aloe added: “Take the risk. As an artist, if ever you feel nervous about something, it’s better to take the risk than to regret it. When we created ‘Wake Me Up’ there was no blueprint for the combination of sounds and no example of success to rely on.”

The most important thing he learned from working with Avicii was to “embrace collaboration.” Read the entire post here and listen below. 

Photo via Sean Eriksson