Alison Wonderland’s Whyte Fang From A Decade Ago Is Getting A Revival

Alison Wonderland’s alias from a decade ago is getting a revival. As diehard AW fans probably know, the producer used to work under the name Whyte Fang. Tracks including “Thy New Sound,” “Play” and “Heart” showcase her earlier sound circa 2011 -2014, as well as a remix for “Ready” by Elizabeth Rose and a cover of “Say It Right” by Nelly Furtado.

The apparent Instagram account for Whyte Fang, which originated in 2016, became much more active through 2019 with a handful of posts. In December 2020, a meme-style photo was shared simply stating “2021.” Now, the hype is ramping up once again as Whyte Fang has shared an image of project’s logo. See below and go down the Whyte Fang rabbit hole here.

The genre-bending alias takes an alternative approach to electronic music, fusing elements of industrial, bass, trap, synth, pop and beyond — but we can only imagine how the Whyte Fang sound has expanded over the years. Listening back, Alison’s voice still comes through strong as ever, but there’s a raw, unspoken edge to the delivery and processing. These songs were made in the days when she was recording vocals on her trusty iPhone, after all. A website for the project — — is currently active as well. So far, no info on when new music might be released, but remember, she said “2021.”