Alison Wonderland Returns With Her Third Studio Album,“Loner”, A 12-Track LP

Alison Wonderland returns with her third studio album, Loner, following her most recent Awake (2018) and first album Run (2015). The 12-track album is Alison’s most soulful release to date, and it is unusual in that it is entirely her work. Loner differs from her previous two albums in that there are no collaborations, whereas prior albums have included Trippie Redd, Slumberjack, GANZ, and Lido. Alison has been a brave champion for mental health talks and has been open about her personal problems with depression throughout her career.

Keeping faithful to her message in Loner, she writes with a compelling new assurance in the brightness that follows the storm. Half of the 12 songs had already been released as singles, including the successes “Fuck U Love U” and “Bad Things.” There are a few surprises among the new tracks, such as the gloomy “Eyes Closed” with elements of neurofunk rhythm & bass or the synth-laden pop tune “Cocaine.” Listen to the entire album in the player below!

Photo by Simply G