Alison Wonderland Releases “ Fear of Dying ” a Trademark Masterpiece

“Fear of Dying”,  Alison Wonderland‘s new album, is nothing short of a masterpiece. Alison unpacks feelings of anxiety and crippling fear of losing someone close to you through the dizzying sounds of “Fear of Dying”, which she wrote and produced. In this new single, AW’s vulnerability is as strong as ever, as she embarks on a new journey by confronting her past.

“Fear of Dying” follows “Fuck U Love U“, a trap banger tinged with dark, relatable emotion that instinctively tugs at heartstrings. These two albums demonstrate AW’s ability to maintain her signature sound while gracefully evolving and tackling particularly difficult subjects. The music video for “Fear of Dying” (directed by Brandon Dremer) brings the song’s concept to life, as Alison holds her former self hostage and eventually leaves the past behind, resulting in a nail-biting conclusion.

Watch the video below and click here to go down the rabbit hole.

Alison Wonderland – Fear of Dying

Photo Credit: Jared Tinetti